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Each Year we have committed to raise funds to support our churches and people in Africa.  We do this on All Saints Sunday, which is 2 Nov this year. 
CEC Missions & Development offering seeks to empower local leaders to provide for themselves. We have two legs of the plan. The first is to deal with the immediate needs of mercy and clean water. We designate 20% of funds from every donation to meet immediate needs and raise funds for clean water to stop the diseases stealing the children's future. 80% of funds are designated to build for the future by building income producing micro-businesses that will allow the churches in Africa to support themselves, and decide their own future.

Immediate Response- Mercy and Clean Water
Faced with emergencies such as diseases, hunger, conflict, corruption we must provide those funds and tools that allow people to make it to tomorrow, while at the same time, working to make tomorrow better. To that end we provide 20% of the funds raised to mercy missions and raise funds for clean water. (See next tabs for details)

Lasting Change- Micro Businesses Development project are about the long term change of the culture and environment. To create local income producing businesses that allow the local churches to raise funds to build churches, schools, orphanages, clinics. This allows the future of the churches to no longer be at the dependent on donors. This builds stability into the future of the church in Africa.

Recent Project includes a Hostel in Southern Sudan, Cattle Fatten in Kenya and Tanzania, Carpentry and Furniture business in Rwanda and Burundi. 


I am posting pictures of our confirmation service last month. We skyped in Fr. Black's son and family from Phoenix (who love the CEC). It is so amazing what you can do with so little. Yesterday in the daily reading (Acts) we read the wonderful story of Paul starting a relationship (life long) and a church (later very powerful one) on a river bank where women gathered (I'm sure to do their families laundry).
Fr. Black turns his living room (actually quite on the smaller size compared to western American ranch homes) into an amazing "Sacred space". He has been in rented places but finds he and the people are real comfortable (more like cozy) there. Eventually, God willing, he will have to move on but for now I am the first to admit, it is glorious.
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